Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Safeco Field Opening Day 2007 Photos

With the M's already having equaled their win total vs. the A's from last year, I'm pretty speechless, so, well, on with the Opening Day 2007 pictures (click to enlarge 'em).

Yep, it's Opening Day

Ichiro takes his Gold Glove into the clubhouse, while Chuck Armstrong and Howard Lincoln converse about how it may be the last time they get to give Ichiro a Gold Glove.

Typical Jay Buhner -- gooses Raul Ibanez and Willie Bloomquist after throwing out the Ceremonial First Pitch

The real First Pitch, and it was a strike, setting the tone for the game. (First draft of this composite -- I'll have a better version soon).

Dan Haren pretty much matches Felix out-for-out up until Crosby's error in the 6th.

Speaking of Crosby, here he is as one of Felix's 12 strikeout victims...

Chavez swings. But does he connect???

12 Ks and 12 groundouts for Felix. Who says that donuts and cookies are the only good things that come in dozens???

The final line for Felix. I could've sworn that I read that he threw 111 pitches. Oh well, the scoreboards weren't exactly working on Monday.

It's time for the Putz.

Putz gets Piazza out. Have you ever seen so many ZZzzzzs on a baseball field?

The final score. I guess the asterisk denotes the day's heros. Crosby for his two errors, one allowing the 4 M's runs to score; and Sexson for his Funk Blast.

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